June 2017

Almost every day, at some point, I end up begging you to fall asleep. And every day as soon as you fall asleep I miss you. This journey of motherhood has been a crazy one and it has tested me in ways I couldn’t have even dreamed of and yet here we are, three peas in a pod and I am in total bliss when I am with my little family. 

Six months old. You are SITTING UP. BY YOURSELF. You want to be independent so bad. The second you realized you had power over yourself and your body I saw a huge change in you and I realized a few things. 

One is that I cannot cage a bird that wishes to be free. Though you are so little I can already see how determined and fiercely independent you are, baby girl. Not to mention you have Sagittarius all over your natal chart, I mean, hello. That’s something I’m gonna have to prepare for because you may very well be the complete opposite of me. 

Two, I realized I didn’t choose to have you. YOU chose to be HERE. You made your way into this world so you could live your beautiful life and who knows how many times you have lived before. You are an old soul, this I know. 

Three, no matter how much you may outgrow my arms, and then my lap and then the rest of me you will always be my baby girl, and this is something I have always heard people say but now I understand. I will always protect you. I will always put you first and I will always be your rock. You have given me immeasurable purpose. You have brought color into this bleak and tasteless world. You are the light where the sun doesn’t shine. 


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