Happy 4 months, beautiful. 


I love being your mama. I have so much in my head. I am still young and have not really experienced the world, truly, at all. If I’m lucky I’ve lived roughly a quarter of my life. The world became much more scary when you were born. You are so new from heaven and I thought I’d been here long enough to understand the gravity that is having a child but I absolutely have not. It is terrifying to think that all of the things I have known and felt and how deeply I have felt them, but not until now. Knowing you, too will have to struggle one day. Then I think, maybe I’m thinking too much. I just want to show you all of the beautiful things and hold your hand through them all. 

3 Months Old

  • You always have your hands in your mouth
  • You’re learning how to grab at your toys
  • You stick your little tongue out all the time
  • Your favorite toy is the little blue light up octopus
  • You like to hold on to your blanket when you sleep
  • You make silly faces and smile and laugh at everything
  • You’re so happy in the morning (unlike me)