When I was 17 I thought love was butterflies and holding hands. When I was 19 I mistook codependence for love. When I was 20 I lost love and she found her way back to me. When I was 22 I dreamed of a love I didn’t know if I’d ever have. Now at 24, love is redefined every day. 

On Monday, love was the way my wife and daughter smiled at each other. 

On Tuesday, love was hearing the baby laughing at her toys. 

On Wednesday, love was watching Cadence enjoy her bath. Thursday, it was watching her with her grandmother. Friday, it was her falling asleep in my arms. Every day is an adventure. Every day love is brand new with you. 


When you’re having a hard time falling asleep, I put my hand on your chest. You wrap your little fingers around mine and fall asleep almost instantly. I’m so humbled by you. I need you just as much as you need me, my beautiful girl. 

Today you are going to meet your biological father’s parents. I am anxious and excited all at once. When I was pregnant I was always terrified of when or if this day would ever come, but now, I think it’s a beautiful thing that we have such open communication and that everyone is in it for you. You are so loved. 


What an amazing experience that was. So much love in one room. So much understanding and compassion. What a beautiful tangled web we have woven, baby girl. You are the center of everyone’s universe, it seems.

Future self: The rock n’ play was the best purchase you ever made. This is the first time she’s been able to fall asleep without being swaddled. My big girl 😢

Like an angel.